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New Castle - On The Shores of the Mediterranean

Charles V Hall from July 4 to August 27, 2013

It will be inaugurated on July 4 at 17:00 and will remain open until August 27 in the hall of the Angevin Charles V of Naples, the exhibition "On the Shores of the Mediterranean", organized by the Cultural Institute of the South and the Association Ascultur Campania.
The exhibition falls within the scope of the initiatives that the City of Naples, who sponsored the event, in the course of processing and organization for the Universal Forum of Cultures. The exhibition in fact brings together a number of quality artists that are measured on the main topics of the Forum as the universality of culture, the value of brotherhood, as part of a project which refers to peace and tolerance. With various techniques and different registers inspirational, ranging from painting to sculpture, drawing, photography and graphic techniques, the artists called to animate the exhibition in Naples are Vanni Rinaldi, Anthony Giannino, Salvatore Paladino, In Petrucci, Victor Fortunati, Gisela Robert , Elizabeth Baldassarre, Grace Lombardo, Michele Roccotelli, Salvatore Oppido, Francis Alexis, Ilia Tufano, Renato Milo, John Ariano, Gustavo Pozzo. It is a delicious slice of creativity also offered as a tribute to the city of Naples. The initiative is accompanied by a special issue of Art & Cards that with the National Union of Writers Artists in turn has sponsored the event.

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